Call Revu
CallRevu listens to every phone call to deliver actionable data in real time that allows car dealers to sell more cars and improve customer service.
World Dealer Advertising
WorldDealer, Inc. has over 30 years of retail automotive marketing experience and provides auto dealers with traditional, digital, mobile and social marketing solutions. We combine online and offline marketing to create a more integrated and seamless communication approach for auto dealers.
DealerELITE is the most recognized automotive social network in the world. Sign-up now to engage with the best and brightest of our industry!
Dealer Rater
Read Car Dealer Reviews, Car Recalls and Helpful Consumer Information about dealerships written by real people like you.
Hire The Winners
Growing sales and profitability requires a systematic approach to hiring and retaining the winners. Yet, most dealerships operate their sales staffs like revolving doors, with annual turnover somewhere north of 40%.
Internet Sales 20 Group
The Internet Sales 20 Group is the most preeminent, powerful, unique & highly interactive workshop in the automotive industry. It is designed to bring together “the best of the best” speaking professionals and provides 3 days of intense training, education and motivation.
Service Turn Chris Saraceno The Automotive Leader
Service Turn is your personalized, customer service-focused sales solution that allows your dealership to sell 3-5% more vehicles out of the service drive. It employs database technology to integrate book values, DMS, CRM, and auction market reports, thereby offering your clients appealing trade-up values.
Tier 10 Lab
Tier10 is the official web presence of Tier10, reporting on the latest in Social, Creative, Technology, Marketing and more. Tier10lab covers the changes in the digital landscape on a wide array of fronts – from technology to social media to the automotive industry and more.
vAuto is a used car dealership inventory and marketing management software solutions company dedicated to helping auto dealers increase profitability and sales.
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The following automotive vendors are Chris Saraceno's personal recommendations based on the ROI and partnership built with the companies he has invested with.
Please feel free to contact Chris for the specifics on any of the following companies and what they have contributed as a partner.

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