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Chris Saraceno is a business executive in Pennsylvania and Florida who is passionate about process efficiency, profitability, and in ensuring every organization that he touches is the best it can be.
Chris is a recognized training expert in marketing, inventory management, recruiting, expense control, team building and motivating teams to focus on achieving their business goals. He accomplishes this by personalized processes, procedures and implementing best practices.

Chris is constantly sharing his best business practices through and speaking at numerous conventions and has published dozens of articles in business magazines and blogs to help others.

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Jim Ziegler, Ziegler Corporations

Chris has been a friend, business client, and supporter for nearly 10 years now. He is always first in line to offer help when you need it, and; I would trust him with a book of signed checks. His knowledge of business and sales makes him the leader every organization would love to have on their team. Most importantly, if I were asked to write a recommendation featuring Chris' greatest strength and asset, it would be his charisma and ability to motivate others.

Dave Anderson, LearnToLEND

I have known Chris for ten years. He is a conscientious, proactive, innovative, and positive force in the automotive industry. He makes things happen. His iron will sharpen yours. 

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